Dangerous Shortcuts

We’re all pressed for time and energy at times and cutting corners on a product or content seems tempting. Just slap it up there and hope it flies. But that may be a move you eventually regret. Your reputation is at stake here and one product disaster could ruin it for you. There are so […]

Quality Shortcuts Only

Are you one of those marketers who is always looking for the fastest, easiest way to do things? In fact, you might waste so much time trying to find a shortcut that it would have been faster to just do it the regular way! Shortcuts can be great for the harried marketer whose time and […]

Make Big Plans – Do Small Things

There’s nothing worse than someone who begs to be taught how Internet marketing works, has others show them the ropes, and then quits on the implementation of those ideas. Many new entrepreneurs come into the business looking to make huge amounts of money at first and forget about or quit planning the small goals that […]

Put Yourself On The Spot

Have you gained a reputation as a flake with your constant delays and rescheduling? When you set a firm launch date for your product, you’ll be setting yourself up to complete the preparation and meet all of the challenges involved in a successful launch. A firm date for a launch seems to be the catalyst […]

The Shiny New Object Syndrome

As a marketer struggling with finding success, you might look for excuses as to why you haven’t found your footing. It’s human nature not to want to accept blame for your failures. One way we do this is by claiming it’s not our fault! It’s that dreaded Shiny New Object Syndrome that’s done it to […]