Run With The Big Dogs!

Some people get so scared of sharing the spotlight that they insulate themselves from greatness. You feel like sharing the stage with a competitor makes you look weak, like you’re not the only person who knows everything about the niche topic. When you bring in experts to boost your authority in your niche, you won’t […]

Here This Big Dog!

Don’t ever think you’re too “big” to step down to a beginner’s level to answer questions and engage with your customers and other marketers (who are also your customers). The best way to build your business is to build relationships that are going to be pleasing – both mentally and monetarily. That means being accessible […]

Spy On Affiliates in Your Niche

Spying on fellow marketers? Is that ethical? Yes, it is – and it’s perfectly acceptable to take a peek at which products other marketers are promoting – and how. By keeping abreast of others’ promotions, leaderboards in contests and who is doing the most promotions in your particular niche, you’re giving yourself more knowledge to […]

Competitors Can Become Partners

Don’t think of other marketers with similar products as competition – think of them instead as a type of partners. Competition is good because it creates excitement about the product. For example, if you have a niche in herbal health remedies, a person who markets essential oils would be a good match. If stress is […]

Competition Is Your Friend

If you shiver at the word competition, thanks to ridiculous marketers who advise you to steer clear of what they call saturated niches – think again. The more competition you have in your niche, the better it is for you in building your business and promoting your product. When you see lots of competition in […]