Fear is explained as a chain reaction that begins in your brain. A stressful situation begins these events your brain is stimulated and releases chemicals that cause your heart to start racing.

You no doubt have experienced these feelings at some point. Your mind is racing and your heart feels as though it’s going to pop right out of your chest!

Your heart is racing heart, your breathing quickens and your muscles start to react. Your body wants to flee from the situation. This response of your body is actually termed the Flight or Fight Response.

There are so many different things that can stimulate your body into this response. Some common fears are spiders, a fear of heights, having to fly, being in a crowded room or facing someone with a knife or gun in their hands. Even a sudden loud noise or unaccepted turn of events in a movie can trigger your body into action.

It is important to understand that your brain is a complex organ. It contains more than 100 billion nerve cells, these cells serve as your communication system for everything that you sense, think and do. You don’t always control all of these events and while you do make conscious actions your body also responds automatically. This is termed an Autonomic Response and when this happens you often don’t have control until the event has happened.